Auriga Solutions has a diversified philosophy for all its employees. For us culture refers to the moral, social and behavioral norms of an organization based on beliefs, attitudes, and priorities of all its members.

Our Culture represents our unique personality. it is a powerful force that affects individuals in very real ways and show joint trust between employees, efficient communication and decision making, joint appreciation and acknowledgement of individual and shared accomplishments, capability, and reasonable responses.


At Auriga we promote the culture of outings and organize the adventurous picnics which let our people relax and promote collaboration and overall productivity.

We appreciate our employees by providing them;

  • Punctuality reward

  • Retention reward

  • Performance based growth

  • Bonus


Auriga assures that it provides a workplace that is positive and rewarding to its employees. To promote the skills of our employees we arrange fun going yet technical events for them so that they can participate and win.

Also to make them feel special, several events are arranged by the firm like dinners and birthdays are celebrated each month to make our people motivated.