A place where hardcore developers are hot-wired on their systems providing rock solid software development and IT services to big tech companies around the world.

The Geekiest Back Office in town

We’re a geeky company, by choice. We love getting our hands dirty with code and over the course of time have mastered the art of providing remote IT services to companies all over the world.

Since our inception in 2007, we’ve maintained a focus on becoming rock solid at what we do. We got our big break when a New York based software services provider was looking for a small team to act as their back office to meet their growing demands. We started out with a small office, a couple of talented software engineers and focused on delivering.

Since then, our partnership with them has continued to strengthen through our constantly improving services, both in terms of technical ability and processes. Today, we pride ourselves on the fact that our partners not only continue to work with us in the long run, they also refer us to similar companies that require trustworthy, dependable and rock solid services.