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    Auriga Solutions is a place where hardcore developers are hot-wired on their systems providing rock solid software development and IT services to big tech companies around the world.

More than just Technical Expertise

We’re experts at what we do but it takes a whole lot more than just technical expertise when it comes to operating as a successful back office. You need dependable, trustworthy and responsible people to ensure you’ll get what you need and that’s exactly the kind of people Auriga Solutions is made of.

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The Agile Approach

We believe a software project should not be rigid. That’s why we take on an agile approach that is focused on covering blind-spots and making iterations based on feedback to improve what we build as- we build it.

Technology Services that Create an Impact

When it comes to technical capabilities, we’ve developed a very specific skill set with deep expertise in custom software development of line of business applications, data integration and business process optimization. Functioning as a back office for international agencies, we’ve also developed a good understanding of analyzing needs, suggesting, planning and implementing upgrades while remotely managing IT infrastructure.

Custom Software Development
Data Integration from disparate sources
Business Process Optimization
Remote IT Infrastructure Management






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